Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich bei unserem treuen und engagierten Publikum, das teilweise von weit hergekommen war, um am Festival teilzunehmen! Und freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen in 2017!

Pressekonferenz des 3. Iranischen Filmfestivals

The new economic interest in Iran can lead only in conjunction with a cultural exchange to opening and mutual rapprochement. Just cinema communicates clearly insights into the peculiarities and contradictions of Iranian society. The Cologne audience has taken the first two editions of the Iranian Film Festival immensely popular.

Green Film Festival فستیوال سبز در تهران

Green Filmfestival Bild-1
THU | 26.05. 15.00 h | Filmforum

Since 1999, the Tehran "Green Film Festival" shows in the two-year rhythm international and national films on the subject of biodiversity, nature and environmental protection. Due to the increasing pollution in Iran this is more urgent than ever. After ten years of a forced break the fifth issue took place from 13th to 20st of May. Festival Director Farhad Tohidi presents the Iranian winners in Cologne.

I’m not angry! عصبانی نیستم

THU | 26.05. 16.30 h | Filmforum
Only a few tickets available

In the aftermath of the 2009 riots in Tehran, Navid is ruled out of the university as 'political'. Faced with the injustice of his situation, the inequality of society and a difficult love affair to Setareh, he tries to control himself. The dynamic camera and editingof the film corresponds to the restlessness of the hero in a chaotic and noisy city, and is held together through the inner monologue of the protagonist. "I am not angry!" was shot on over 60 different locations in Tehran, without any state funding.