Month: June 2014

The Lady with Flower-Hair

Film Still: The Lady with Flower-Hair

Avance: Animation by Sarah Tabibzadeh

The Lady with Flower-Hair is a woman of forty, on whose hair have grown a set of carnations. She was different even from childhood. She now lives alone.

Debate: Co-Productions between Germany and Iran

Podiumsgespräch beim "1. Iranischen Filmfestival"

Following the screening of „Berlin -7“ (by Ramtin Lavafipour), Producer Siamak Poursharif reported on the difficulties of the making. The feature fiction, which narrates the flight of a family from Iraq to Germany, was mostly shot in Berlin.

(Deutsch) Zu Besuch beim WDR

Iranische Filmschaffende im WDR

(Deutsch) Am Freitagnachmittag kam es zum angeregten Austausch unseren Gästen mit dem WDR, ARTE und der Filmstiftung nrw.