Simulation (Tamaroz)

THU | 25.05.2016 13.00 h | Filmforum

Film IR 2016, 85’// R: Abed Abest, D: Abed Abest, Shahrzad Seifi, Vahid Rad, Majid Yousef

Somewhere in southern Iran three young men are being incarcerated. At the precinct the events that have let to their incarceration are being reenacted. At first, the story takes a backseat to the minimalistic set. But as the story unfolds the hopelessness of the protagonists becomes more and more evident.
Guest: Abed Abest

Abed Abest: Geboren 1987 in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Als Schauspieler wirkte er unter anderem in Inszenierungen von Amir-Reza Koohestani und Reza Gouran mit; in Shahram Mokris Film Fish & Cat (Iran, 2013) spielt er die Hauptrolle. „Simulation“ war Panorama-Beitrag der Berlinale 2017!




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