Being born (Be Donya Amadan)

THU | 25.05. 15.00 h | Filmforum

Pari and Farhad are a middle-class family who are both involved in theatre and cinema. They love each other and are happy with their son, though Pari unwantedly becomes pregnant. Farhad insists on abortion but Pari believes the abortion is inhuman and cannot accept her husband’s idea. A baby, who has to possibly make a family life happier, causes some serious changes in their situation.

Program of NAHAL FILM FESTIVAL 100ˈ + Guest

THU | 25.05. 17.00 h | Filmforum

The Iranian Film festival in Cologne attaches great importance to the up-and-coming generation; we regularly present promising debut films. Quality and talent are already evident in the training. At Iranian Filmhochschulen high-quality documentaries and short films are produced. Together with the NAHAL-Studentenfilmfestival, we will be presenting extraordinary newcomer films.

Pale Mirrors

THU | 25.05. 17.00 h | Filmforum

Eine Frau hat 24 Stunden Zeit, um schwanger zu werden – ihre letzte Möglichkeit, Mutter zu werden, angesichts einer ungewissen Zukunft.

The Sis (Abji)

DO | 25.05. 19.00 h | Filmforum

Abji is dependent on her mother because of her handicap, but the old lady is worried what will become of her when she is no longer there. A portrait of a middle-class family, held together only by female members. After her studies, Marjan Ashrafizadeh shot over 20 short films and 5 television films. Abji is her first feature film.