Daughter (Dokhtar)

FR | 26.05. 21.30 h | Filmforum

A young girl (Setareh) leaves her hometown in south of Iran for a half day trip with her girlfriends to Tehran to attend a close friend's goodbye party without permission of her strict father. Her father Ahmad sets out to search for his daughter and is confronted by the ghosts of his own past. On her way back home hazy weather changes all she had planned. The famous film maker Reza Mirkarimi tells the story of a complicated father-daughter relationship in the field of tension of modernity and tradition.

Another Time (Zamani Digar)

SA | 27.05. 13.00 h | Filmforum

Ghadir, a chemical plant worker, protesting against being unpaid for over a year, is arrested during a demonstration and imprisoned without trial. He is released one year later with no explanation given. On arriving home he finds out his daughter, Somayeh, has given birth out of wedlock and will not talk about the identity of her child’s father.

Breath (Nafas)

SA | 27.05. 15.00 h | Filmforum

The girl Bahareh experiences the dramatic time of the Iranian Revolution and later the Iran-Iraq war through the lens of a daydreamer, who retreats into the world of fairy tales. For the sensitive and talented Bahar, the distressing political events are in harsh contrast to her protective family circle. Narges Abyars’ third feature film walks the line between period film and children’s film with great virtuosity. By inserting small animated scenes the audience gets to take a peek into Bahareh’s dream world. Guest: Narges Abyar

Scenes from a Divorce (Sahnehai az yek talagh)

SA | 27.05. 17.30 h | Filmforum

After eight years of marriage, Maryam and Bashoo decide to get a divorce. But to keep their families from finding out, they continue to live together. In a society as traditional and religious as Iran, living together as an unmarried couple is not only illegal but also seen by many as a sin. An intimate yearlong look at the private life of a modern Iranian couple, Scenes from a Divorce explores the reasons behind Maryam and Bashoo's decision to end their marriage and continue living together.

Life and a Day (Abad va yek rooz)

SA | 27.05. 19.00 h | Filmforum
Film Debut!

Somayeh, the youngest daughter of an indigent family, is getting married to a wealthy Afghan man in order to escape her circumstances. Fear is overwhelming each and every member of the family regarding how to overcome their difficulties after she's gone. Soon Somayeh realizes the real motivation behind this arrangement. Rostaies first feature film paints a realistic picture of the cruel reality of poverty and addiction.